Hearse on basis Mercedes-Benz V-Class



The V-Class

Climb aboard and discover the Mercedes-Benz V-Class hearse on basis . The vehicle makes a clear statement at first glance:

The V-Class has an excellent command of the Mercedes-Benz design language.


The generously designed interior is exemplary for MPVs in terms of ergonomics and visual and tactile appeal. The spacious interior, the low loading sill and our wide range of equipment options speak for this vehicle.


Whether it's an elegant wood design, a quilted leather look, floral elements,
reflective surfaces, LED trims or a sparkling starry sky. At Kuhlmann Cars you will find a limitless selection, always to suit the occasion. We offer special equipment variants exclusively for the V-Class.




Dynamic windscreen shape and unlimited customization options.

The on basis hearse of the Mercedes-Benz EQV in the "Lausanne" Design© impresses with its protected Design© and wide range of customization options. The design elements can be freely selected and customized with a company logo, for example. Create your own personal one-off with this vehicle.

A novelty in international hearse construction.

Kuhlmann Cars is the only body manufacturer in the world to offer elegant panoramic glazing without removing body parts.

The structural intervention in the body will invalidate the Mercedes-Benz warranty.



Transporter at its most elegant.

The elegant vinyl roof skin lies flush against the coffin transport area at the side of the rear. A VA clasp in chrome design echoes the classic "carriage" theme on each side of the vehicle.

Other versions



The EQV - The V-Class with electric motor.

Convince yourself of the electrifying arguments of our electric V-Class, the on basis hearse from Mercedes-Benz EQV, and experience an innovative driving experience.